Album IV pre-order and sample listening available now on Amazon

Album IV pre-order and sample listening available now on Amazon
19.12.2018 Administration

Ivan Tsanov’s guitar instrumental Album IV – A Brave New World release date is Jan 18th, 2019!
Pre-order and sample listening available on Amazon

The album consists of 11 instrumental tracks composed by Ivan Tsanov during the last 20 years and recorded in the period 2015-2017.

The characteristic is that it is the second in the chronology of publication, but fourth according to the concept and chronology of writing the compositions.  After the release of Album IV, he will start preparing Album V and VI, and then rewriting and re-releasing Album I – The Power Of Twilight and then Album II and Album III … this is perhaps somewhat familiar…

There are 2 singles from this album that have been released in 2018 – Race With Devil On Balkan Highway and Mirkwood – the first and the last tracks of the album. They and the rest show the original music and guitar approach that differ Ivan from any other guitar player.

It took almost 4 years Ivan to finish the album working on old ideas and composing new ones. And one of the best results is the trilogy A Brave New World (part 1, 2 and 3) that gave the title of the album.

Album IV reflects the style and concept of Ivan Tsanov to be different, to seek his own musical path and sound, not to be guided and influenced by the modern music at the moment, not to learn the guitar practices of the dominant guitarists, no matter how he likes them, he can find his own way to “The Brave New World“….Because he has chosen not the shortest way to learn the secrets of music. Because “The fastest and easiest way is a way to the Dark Side “…

Ivan Tsanov thanks to his friends who have helped and advised him in the creating of the album: the bass players Biser Batov, Dimiter Ilchev and Misho Bonev; the drum players Petar Mateev and Georgi Gochev.

The album was recorded and mixed in Fanagoria Studio and mastered in Chris Graham Mastering Studio.


Album IV – A Brave New World

1             Race With Devil On Balkan Highway

2             The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

3             Count To Ten

4             Lust For Lust

5             Ixtlan

6             The Flight Of The Dragonfly

7             A Brave New World, part 1

8             A Brave New World, part 2

9             A Brave New World, part 3

10          The Great Expectations

11          Mirkwood


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