Album IV – A Brave New World release date is Jan 18th, 2019!

Album IV – A Brave New World release date is Jan 18th, 2019!
15.11.2018 Administration

Ivan Tsanov’s Album IV – A Brave New World is already finished and its release date is Jan 18th, 2019!

It took almost 4 years for the creation of this album although that it was provided the album to has the old Ivan’s compositions created through the years. But new ideas came and change the conception including new tracks and the trilogy that gave the name of the album. It will consist of 11 instrumental tracks and firstly was expected to be released on autumn of 2018.

Why the full name of the album is Album IV – A Brave New World!? The characteristic is that it is the second in the chronology of publication, but fourth according to the concept and chronology of writing the compositions.  Some of Ivan’s earlier compositions will be published after Album IV in new albums named Album I, Album II…when time comes…Actually Album I – The Power Of Twilight was already born in the distant 1995 but in very limited edition and some day will be re-recorded and re-edited for a new publishing.

There are 2 singles from Album IV that have been published in 2018, the first and the last track of the album – Race With Devil On Balkan Highway and Mirkwood. Album IV reflects the style and concept of Ivan Tsanov to be different, to seek his own path in art and show the original music and guitar approach that differ Ivan from any other guitar player.



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